Thursday, March 2, 2017

NEW YORK and The 3 Dollar PBR Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer

  New York and the $3.00 PBR, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer has been a God-Send to many New Yorker's. As you all know, the US Economy has been in the Shitter for the past 3-Half years or so.
   Many people are out of work, and many who are working are taking home Half-as-Much Money or less of what they used to make. People have had to buckle down and give up and curb many things they previously enjoyed .  In the current state of our economy, which is and has been an almost a Depression Era state.
Yes, "they" say  that we are not in a Depression, we're in a recession. To many, the state of our Union and their feelings are of Depression. So, because of the Terrible State of our Economy you have given up eating out 3 times a week, you buy less clothes, spend less on Entertainment and any number of things you extravagantly spent money on previously. Now, whatever you have, you want to hold on to. You haven't had a vacation in the past two or 3 years, maybe more. You given up a lot. We all have.
Now when it comes to socializing, going out for a few Beers or Cocktails with friends, you've had to cut back on that too. But hey, you gotta draw a line somewhere, and everyone is entitled to a few drinks to unwind every now and then. If you live in  the great city of New York this can be a costly undertaking, especially in this day and age. And of all times, to be having a Boom of $14.00  drinks and cocktails that cost 16 and $17 and more, "it's Ludicrous!"  What is a Poor Working Guy or Working Girl to do??? Well Boys and Girls, let's Thank God for that great thing of wonder and the Bars and establishments who so graciously and kindly serve it, The $3.00 PBR .. That's right, a $3.oo Beer in The Land of The Over-Priced $16.00 Cocktail, Manhattan, New York, NY..... It's quite Sad, Greedy too.
   Yes, Thank God and let's thank the Kind-Hearted proprietors who serve $3.00 PBR'S or any Beer for just $3 or $4 in a New York Bar. You are doing your fellow man a public service and we thank you for that. Whoever you are, you are to be commended, and Shame-On-You, all those places that serve $14 PLUS Cocktails. "RIP-OFF" !!! Wish the masses would Boycott these places and patronize places like Blue & Gold Bar and 7B, and all place who have a heart and give a break to "the working-man," the bars that serve 3 and 4 Dollar Beers. It's great to go to a place like Blue and Gold Bar on East 7th Street and know that you can have 3 or 4 Beers for just $12 to $16, accounting for a Buck a Pop for the Barkeep. Three beers for $12.00 includung tipping the hard working bartender, now that's pretty good. I have had the best times hanging at Blue & Gold with some friends. You sit at the Bar or get into a nice comfy booth, drink your Beers ($3 PBR'S), relax, listen to the Music, Chit Chat, and just enjoy, and it's not going to cost you The Shirt Off Your Back, $12 for 3 PBR's, now that you can afford, and you probably can afford to do that 2 or three times a week.
    Yes, you can have 4 Beers, tip included for the price of 1 "Rip-Off Cocktail," at one of those Clip-Joints. And if you are Dumb enough to have four drinks in one of those places, guess what it's going to cost you? About $75 my friend.
   Well, do the Math, and if you can afford $75 for only 4 drinks, God Bless You. And if you can't, you've got an alternative. Right, your local $3.00 PBR Joint, and that my friends is a a God-Send.

by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke

The Beer that Made Milwaukee Famous

$3.oo PBRS ...  TEHY'RE a GOD SEND




ABIDE in IT !!!

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