Thursday, March 2, 2017

Bad Bagel Service at Bagels Square Carmine Street

It's a SHAME what has happened to this place in the past few years. They make good bagels but ? They DON'T KNOW HOW to SERVE BAGELS !!! It's a DAM SHAME ! I've been going to this shop for 24 years since I moved into the neighborhood and Never had a problem until the past year or so. 1st, they often run out of Everything Bagels before the morning is even through. This had never happened for more than 20 years of getting Bagels here .. After like the the 3rd TIME this happened in a two month period I made a little complaint to the counter people and they didn't like and started making Smart Ass remarks. On Top of this, these Guys Don't have CLUE ONE on HOW to PROPERLY Serve a Bagel .. In order to smear the miniscule amount of Cream Cheese that they now put on and to do it Fast they Commit the HORRIBLE CRIME of SOFTENING and raising the Temperature of The CREAM CHEESE. Cream Cheese on a BAGEL is Supposed to be COLD and dense not FLUFFY WARM and Dripping out of the BAGEL When you eat it. When I told them about this they didn't really care. Seems as though there is a Absentee Owner who doesn't  Give a Dam about the Horrible Service the people working his shop are providing and they AWFUL Manner in which the BAGELS are being served, Horrible Too Warm FLUFFY CREAM CHEESE That has the consistency of MELTING ICE CREAM. "I Kid You NOT," this has happened to me many times now and I'm tired of it and of getting SMART ASS remarks from the employees who don't give a Dam in the horrible manner that they serve these Bagels which are Ver Good but get RUINED by putting on Warm Soft Fluffy Cream Cheese instead of the Proper Cold and of a harder Consistency Cream Cheese, THE WAY IT'S SUPPOSED to BE.

I'm hoping that the owner sees this and takes notice and does something about the HORRIBLE Way they serve BAGELS at On The Square .. I hate to right such a Negative Review of this place as I've really liked it over the years, but I've pleaded with these people to give me my Bagel in the proper fashion it should be serve and the way i'd like it. I've asked and Pleaded with  the Counter People and all they did was Laugh in my face.

If the OWNER Cares and takes care of these Problems Plaguing his establishment and serves the Proper Cream Cheese, I'll be more than Happy to Give them a much better review, which I sure hope to do, but the way things are there now, I just can't .. 

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