Saturday, June 9, 2018

Farewell to Tony



Anthony Bourdain


1956 - 2018



Friday June 8, 2018 is quite a sad day. We mourn the loss of the great and irriplaceable Anthony Bourdain, a man loved and venerated by many. I hero to some as with I. We loved watching Tony travel the World, devouring it, and enjoying every minute of it, as only Tony could do. Anthony has his own special charm and sardonic humor and wit that was all his own, uniquely Bourdain, ad this is why those of us wo loved and enjoyed Anthony will miss him, and for another bright light snuffed out, we mourn his loss, but remember him fondly. Farewell Tony, you will be profoudly missed. Good Bless and Rest in Peace.



  Daniel Bellino Zwicke



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